Climbing Beinn Narnain

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Beinn Narnain is one of the hills known as the Arrochar Alps, the best known of which is probably the Cobbler.  I climbed Beinn Narnain in September 2006.  Beinn Ime is oten climbed at the same time as Beinn Narnain, since it is just behind it, but we didn't have a long day, so just planned to climb the one.  That turned out to be a good idea, since it was already dark by the time we made it back to the car at the end of the day.

We left the car in the parking at the northern end of Loch Long, then followed the road round for a few hundred metres to the start of a path up through the woodland.  Just after entering the wood, there is a path heading directly uphill, which is the one we took., while the path towards the Cobbler carries on alongside the road a bit further.  I've attached a GPS track of the route here, in text format.  I don't advise following that track exactly, or you'll end up chasing a  bag that blew away on the top, and take a couple of wrong turns on the way down, but it shows you the route we took.

The path climbs fairly steeply straight up through the woodland, following a series of concrete blocks and the path of a stream.  Once clear of the trees the path carries on straight up a bit further, then flattens out a little into some boggy ground.  At this point we stopped for a break and to take some photographs.

View towards Ben Lomond from the side of Beinn Narnain

Looking towards Ben Lomond from Beinn Narnain

Looking north-east from the side of Beinn Narnain

Looking north-east from Beinn Narnain

Tullich Hill and Doune Hill

Looking towards Tullich Hill and Doune Hill

There is a path that turns off to the left here, towards the path that goes past the Cobbler towards Beinn Ime, however we carried straight on up the hill, which involved some scrambling to get up on to the ridge.  Looking to the left we got a good view of the Cobbler in outline.

The Cobbler

After following the ridge for some time the summit came into view, and we were quite surprised to see how rocky it was.  It looked quite daunting, but as we got closer the path was fairly clearly visible, and were able to get up with just a little more scrambling.

Beinn Narnain ridge, looking back towards Ben Lomond

Summit of Beinn Narnain

After a short stop at the top we carried straight on over the summit, and after picking our way over a series of boulders followed the path down to the valley, where we met up with the very well laid out path which lead us back down to Arrochar, following the route of a small burn.



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