Climbing Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil

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I climbed these two hills in May 2008, in very dry weather. The approach is via a private road to Auchessan, so I parked on the verge of the A85, at NN 449276.  A short distance down the track towards Auchessan I passed the sign below.

  Sign at the start of private road to Auchessan

After following the road for about half a kilometre, the path to the hills is signposted: I missed this first time, and carried on along the road past the farm buildings and alongside a deer fence for a short while before realising we were going off track. 

Signpost to Meall Glas

It didn't take long to get back on track though, and we followed a path alongside a small stream up towards the hills.


Looking badk down the path beside Allt Essan

.Eventually the path leaves the stream, and heads of towards Meall Glas, which is initially hidden behind a ridge, but comes into view higher up.

Meall Glas

Meall Glas is the peak on the left of the ridge.


Looking towards Meall Glas

We easily crossed the Allt Glas which had only a trickle of water running down it.

Bed of Allt Glas

Although the walk could be difficult in wet weather, May 2008 was extremely dry, so there was no problem.  In fact, the grass was so dry that it crackled as we walked on it, and we could walk across some of the bogs practically without leaving a footprint.  However, there was of course some water around.

Temperature inversion seen from summit of Beinn a'Chaorainn

There were a lot of these flowers around, I think they're Purple Saxifrage. I've been told these are Moss Campion

Purple saxifrage

On reaching the summit of Meall Glas, there was a good view over the other side towards Glen Lochay

View from Meall Glas

After reaching the summit, we followed the ridge round to Beinn Cheathaich, with some good views south to Ben More on the way.

View from ridge between Meall Glas and Beinn Cheathaich

After starting to climb down, I noticed a circle in the remaining snow on the side of the hill.

Snow circle on the side of Beinn Cheathaich

The western slopes of Sgiath Chuil looked quite daunting from distance.

Looking east towards Sgiath Chuil

There was a small herd of deer in the valley between the two hills.  The bog was mostly dried out, and we were able to walk right across it without any problems.


Dried bog between Sgiath Chuil and Meall Glas

The ascent of Sgiath Chuil was very steep, it didn't involve any scrambling, but was very hard work.  I dropped a water bottle on the way up, it bounced down about 30m but I was pleased to see that it then stopped..

Looking up the steep slopes of Sgiath Chuil


We walked a short way along the ridge to the summit cairn.


Cairn on Sgiath Chuil

The walk back down is fairly easy going, with good views over Loch Iubhair

View back down towards Loch Iubhair

Looking back towards Sgiath Chuil



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